Brandi Harrison, Owner – TypeJar Studio

Brandi Harrison, Owner – TypeJar Studio

Brandi Harrison has two main strengths: she arranges visual intentions into tangible graphic solutions and she can apply an episode of FRIENDS to most of life’s moments. Brandi grew up in Orchard, Texas, population 303. You read that right. She graduated from The University of Texas in 2005 with a Bachelor of Journalism.

Brandi taught graphic design to magnet high school students for nearly a decade before founding TypeJar Studio, LLC, which she owns with her husband Tim Harrison. Working with students and building a business has helped Brandi hone her project management skills and exceed stakeholder expectations. Her client base is mostly small businesses and local non-profits, and her projects comprise graphic illustrations and promotional production design. Additionally, Brandi and Tim sell paper goods online to support their addiction to shopping at Goodwill.

Illustration by Michelle Nikolajevic


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