Jill Chamberlain, Founding Director – The Screenplay Workshop

Jill Chamberlain, Founding Director – The Screenplay Workshop

Jill Chamberlain is a the founder of The Screenplay Workshop (www.thescreenplayworkshop.org) where she has helped over a thousand writers with their screenplays in group workshops and in private consultation. Many of her students have achieved success in Hollywood, having their screenplays optioned, sold, and made into award-winning feature films. Her book, The Nutshell Technique: Crack the Secret of Successful Screenwriting (University of Texas Press) is the go-to manual many professionals swear by and is on the syllabus for screenwriting programs across the country including at Columbia University. Producer Callum Greene (Star Wars Episode 9, Crimson Peak, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug) said “The Nutshell Technique cracks the code behind why we love the movies that we love. It guides you to organically write the story you want to tell.” In addition to teaching at The Screenplay Workshop, Chamberlain is on the adjunct faculty at University of Houston and Maryland Institute College of Art.


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The Nutshell Technique: The Secret Structure of Feature Films

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