Philip Olson, Founder, Financial Planner, CFP – The Art of Finance

Philip Olson, Founder, Financial Planner, CFP – The Art of Finance

Philip has called Austin home since 1997. He attended the University of Texas in the Department of Theater & Dance where he met Julia while we worked backstage for a children’s dance show about a baby monkey. Eighteen months later, they were married.

He spent several years as a ‘starving artist’ – waiting tables, parking cars, and making lattes. Eventually he became a theater instructor, where he fell in love with teaching and coaching his students. He’s led hundreds of theater productions at  ZACH Theater, KidsActing, and more.

Eventually he left the professional artistic world when a recruiter for a financial services firm said “This industry needs more people like you – a people person”. He was inspired to make a difference in a notoriously un-caring industry, and began to study for the Series 7 exam in 2011. He’s been in love with financial planning ever since. In 2015 he went on to pass the Certified Financial Planner™ Board Exam.

As performers and teachers, Philip and Julia realized that the deck was stacked against their fellow creatives. While perfecting their crafts, so many artists were never taught the importance of basic personal finance skills. The sad result was that they saw person after person show exceptional artistic prowess, yet fail financially. Money was the stumbling block for almost everybody. So in 2015, they founded The Art of Finance, a firm that exists to empower and guide the Creatives and Artists in Austin when it comes to their money.

Philip and Julia live in north Austin with their two rescue dogs, Basil and Jazz. They also have a particular passion for serving the foster-children community of Austin through Partnerships for Children and STARRY, a round-rock based foster support group.

Illustration by Michelle Nikolajevic


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