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About The Artists

About The Artists

Nicole Anderson

Artist, Business Track

Nicole Anderson’s work as a painter, educator, and storyteller is entirely about colorfully connecting with other people in the community. Most of her sprawling, gestural abstract paintings loosely reference landscapes of various communities in which she has lived, and she also loves creating illustrations of people utilizing expressive, vibrant colors.

Nicole’s sense of connecting and exploration leads her work as an educator as well. As the Career Services Manager in the College of Fine Arts at UT Austin, she develops and executes programming and resources to aid students and alumni as they pursue their creative pursuits and also provides one-on-one career advising.

In addition to her passion for the arts and connecting with others, she is an Artist INC 2017 fellow, a two-term AmeriCorps alumna, and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from UNC Charlotte.

To learn more about Nicole’s work, check out her website or follow her on Instagram.

Erin Burt

Artist, Marketing Track

Erin is a lady on the Internet. She’s originally from Houston, Texas and currently resides in Austin, Texas. She finished up a double bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and English at Juniata College in 2012 and briefly studied Restoration Ecology at the University of Washington in Seattle. The things she does for money include website design and programming, and she’s the main tech for Hiveworks Comics. The things she does for not money include eating, breathing, talking, drawing, singing, reading, writing, musicing, procrastinating, and generally being a nuisance.

Erin writes and draws the webcomic Metacarpolis, which has been her main mode of doing art since 2012.

To learn more about Erin’s work, check out her website, visit her Patreon page, or follow her on Twitter.

Emily Galusha

Artist, Artistry and Skills Development Track

Born and raised in central Arkansas, Emily Galusha’s artwork is rooted in her upbringing as well as relationships, Nature, and the subconscious. She attended the University of Oklahoma at Norman where she studied Ballet Pedagogy before acquiring her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville located in the Ozark Mountains. She has been awarded nationally for her Design and Fine Art.

Emily grew up in a creative environment, her mother an artist and art teacher and her father a “medicine man;” both highly supportive of her creative endeavors. Her two brothers are artists and film editors. In her adult life, she has experienced a range of encounters, from travel to difficult relationships, that equally influence her expression.

Currently based in Austin, she is a Creative Manager as well as freelance designer but spends the bulk of her time creating work for one of her three series: Pistols, Animal Dreams, Undercurrents.

To learn more about Emily’s work, check out her website or follow her on Instagram.

Topher Sipes

Artist, Storytelling Track

Topher connects inner and outer worlds through visual storytelling. His current focus on public art direction, 2D+3D illustration and virtual reality art is guided by a combination of embodied, analog processes with digital drawing & sculpting tools. He draws upon an interdisciplinary background of ecstatic drawing techniques, graphic & fabrication design, immersive projection performance, contemporary dance, environmental interpretation, glass bottom boat driving, 14 years of dream journalism, community art organizing, creative production consulting, a history of studying with entertainment designers & animators and a BFA in Communication Design. When he’s not making art, you’ll find him swimming in Central Texas Springs, hiking outdoors, climbing trees, cuddling Leo the cat (aka Master Donuts), side hustling as a VRcade operator at Originator Studios or galvanizing 30-day art challenges with other creatives.

To learn more about Topher’s work, check out his website or follow him on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.