Build your base

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Who We Are

Before there was CMBXP, there was Creatives Meet Business (CMB). Four years ago, we started with small group, roundtable events (which we continue to do every other month). We wanted to bring together creatives from different backgrounds to learn from each other and from industry experts on all kinds of topics. We’ve covered everything from Taxes and Accounting to Goal Planning to Social Media.

Sad you missed these small group sessions? Don’t be! We jumped into the podcasting scene over three years ago to help share the insights from the events with a wider audience. The Creatives Meet Business Podcast packs tons of information into the just 15 or so minute episodes. Be sure to have a pen or pencil handy when you listen! It’s available anywhere you go to listen to podcasts, enjoy!

CMB and CMBXP Founder Ashland Viscosi has been on the production team for tons of events, conferences, and festivals over the years. The day after a big three day conference she produced ended, it hit her, why wasn’t she doing this for Creatives Meet Business? In 2017, the first CMBXP was born.

What We Do

We do several things! First up, we want you to know what we value. We care about creativity, community, and collaboration. At CMBXP, we create an environment that embodies all of those things and more. Another big one is that we help bridge the gap between “creative” and “business” by providing much needed, tools, resources, and relationships.

We bet the first thing you’ll notice are the workshops we offer. We provide workshops that cater to all of the hats that you wear as an entrepreneur – business, marketing, skills development, and storytelling. How you go about assembling each day is up to you.

We create a space that allows you to genuinely get to know your fellow Experiencers and Guides, and not to rely on the old “so what do you do?” trick when meeting someone new. Through outside the box happy hours, lunch bunches, and how we structure the sessions, you’ll find talking with newfound friends to be as easy as it was in an elementary school classroom.

Why We Do It

We do it because we care – a lot. As artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs, you do so much for the communities that you join and we want you to know that we’re here for you. We want to help create and promote the wider creative industry and help all creatives connect across disciplines. At CMBXP, we create a space that encourages you to break outside of your shell and meet your new audience members, collaborators, cheerleaders, friends, or brunch buddies – the sky’s the limit!

We want you to stay in business, create your work and projects, and keep a roof over your head (and put some money in the bank!). Figuring out how to market and sell what you do is hard enough, doing it in a vacuum makes it all the more challenging. That’s why we focus on workshops. We want to help you in real-time, and, with fellow attendees along for the ride, show you that you’re not alone.

CMBXP brings all the pieces of owning your business together and provides you with the support and guidance that you need. And the best part? You’ll feel like you’re at summer camp.