Build your base

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Better Content Starts with Smart Strategy

You know you need marketing content, and you create what you can, but is it driving the return you want? This workshop focuses on developing the strategy behind effective content, and how you can shape the way your brand looks, acts, and speaks.

As a firm believer that you should not create content just to have content, R/GA Austin’s Senior Strategist Christina Queeney will show how defining a strategy can give all of your marketing efforts better aim.

Getting to the right strategy requires clarity in your business goals and an understanding of your customer, category, and culture. We’ll talk about how you can define these factors for your business and the impact they have on content.

We’ll dissect successful marketing campaigns to define the strategic insights that paved the way for smart content.

Attendees will leave this workshop with insights on how to create meaningful content that is driven by targeted business goals.

Session Details

Friday, September 21st, 2:45 PM to 4:00 PM at Carol Hickey Acting Studio