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Manual Photography: A Beginner’s Guide to Getting the Most Out of Your Gear

In the digital age of photography, anyone can make great photos intuitively, but fully understanding the process that leads to that result is another matter. In some cases, using fully automated functions will produce lower-quality images, and in every case, it affords you far less creative control. This hands-on workshop provides a platform for beginner level photographers to learn and experiment with the basic manual functions of their cameras (shutter speed, aperture and ISO/film speed) and their relationship to each other, which will proliferate creative agency in every photographic situation — even phone photography! Bringing your own camera isn’t required, but highly recommended (we’ll have a few available for use) — both digital and film photographers welcome!

Session Details

Thursday, September 20th, 4:30 PM to 5:45 PM at The Back Pack


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