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Never Tell a Boring Story Again: Lessons from Stand-up Comedy on How to Pitch an Idea or Win Over a Room

Every business is a story. Every product is a story. Every service is a story. You can’t make a successful living without learning, on some level, how to tell the stories that convince people to do business with you, work for you, or pay you money. The number one question I get as a stand-up comedian is, “How do you have the bravery to do that?” Meanwhile I’m wondering, “How does anyone survive without doing this?” I will show how to use the basic principles of stand-up comedy to make any pitch, any description of services, or simply any cocktail mixer more engaging and memorable. You don’t even have to be funny! Just don’t be boring, and that’s something ANYONE can learn. Seriously!

Session Details

Thursday, September 20th, 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM at Soma Vida