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Preparing to Scale (the Heights!)

You’ve figured out how to sell your product or service (or maybe you haven’t!); now what?

Preparing to Scale is a two-hour, hands-on workshop designed to help you uncover and plan for the next scaling challenge you’ll face. Working with a framework that Ann uses in her consulting practice, Ann and Nakia will help attendees explore their next scaling challenge, clues and cues that suggest the need to tackle a scaling problem, a first-pass solution set for your scaling issue, and a technical tool-kit to help attendees grow their business affordably and easily.

Ann and Nakia will draw upon their leadership development and scaling experiences to augment the group’s own explorations using a toolset called Liberating Structures (LS). LS relies on the wisdom of the group to help shape what happens through a repertoire of simple, easily replicable methods that can be used to self-reflect to harness big ideas, analyze small details, and more, all while connecting everyone through shared meaningful dialogue. The freedom and responsibilities of members of the group are amplified as we work together. When we engage LS, there is potential to hold more complexity and diversity without over-looking, flattening, or otherwise diminishing the riches present within groups working on challenges together.

You should attend this workshop if you have figured out how to sell your product or service and you’re standing on the precipice of being spread too thin too soon.


  • Discovering your next (or higher-risk) scaling obstacle
  • Know the clues and cues to watch for that indicate the need to scale
  • A first-pass solution set for your scaling issue
  • A technical tool-kit to help you grow your business affordably and easily

Experience Level Needed for Workshop

No previous knowledge or experience needed; however, this workshop is best suited for those who are building something and already have a sense of their selling message (and/or sales success). Though attendees at any phase can benefit from the workshop as it is designed to help each participant uncover their own “next” scaling obstacle, irrespective of where they are in their business. 

Session Details

Friday, September 20th, 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM at Sky Candy, Charm Studio