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Storytelling for SEO

Search Engine Optimization or “SEO” is an important part of any well-functioning website, but as a small business owner, it can be a daunting part of the digital puzzle.

It’s part science, and also a sort of unmeasurable craft…which is a large reason why it has a reputation for being so darn complicated. Hosting sites like Squarespace and Shopify have done their best to make it easier for businesses, but ultimately it tends to get overlooked.

During this hands-on workshop, Emily will get you more comfortable with the SEO concepts you need to know based on your business goals, show you tools that will help lessen the burden of having to manage it yourself, and help you dissect your current story and site architecture to reveal the holes you may not even know exist.

Get ready to leave with red-line edits and an action plan in hand! And, expect to get answers to questions like: “How can I best tell my story in a way that will boost my search ranking?”, “How can I have a genuine online presence if I’m writing to please the Google bots?”, and “What is SEO anyways..?”

You should attend this workshop if you want to better understand how to use the concepts of SEO to better tell your brand’s story online.


By the end of the workshop, attendees will better understand how to use the concepts of SEO to tell their brand’s story online — in a way that gets noticed by both their target audience AND Google’s bots.

Experience Level Needed for Workshop

No previous knowledge or experience needed

Session Details

Thursday, September 19th, 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM at Meet at Relay