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The Silent Art of Sound Effects and Sound Design

Sound design often goes unnoticed, because we take it for granted that the sounds we’re hearing go along with what we’re seeing or the story we’re being told. Well designed sound usually doesn’t call attention to itself, but seamlessly and naturally integrates into a project. Sound effects can add atmosphere (the sound of crickets at night), humor (the sound of a cartoon character slipping on a banana peel) or the fantastic (the sound of a laser gun. You know that lasers are silent, right?).

In this workshop you will learn the subtlety of sound, how to start producing your own effects, and put your knowledge to the test with a hands-on script to ears effects challenge. Get ready to use your hands to work with sound effects devices to create sounds, use your ears to hear the sound effects you’re making, and use your brain to think about the role sound plays in helping a story come to life. Mostly we’ll get to play with toys.

Session Details

Saturday, September 22nd, 1:00 PM to 2:15 PM at The Back Pack