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The Top Eight Finance Rules for Creatives

As creatives, we have a lot to manage, and often, business management is the first to go. What if you could take the once elite terms of business and make them accessible for your craft. In this interactive workshop, participants will learn eight rules for business finance in the creative field. We will tackle rules such as the 80/20 rule, growth is a mindset, and how to find a winning number. Each rule has activities that will help deepen understanding and retention of the practices shown. These rules will shortcut you to business literacy and set you on the path to making sound decisions for your business. We strip away all the jargon, all the acronyms, and arrogance. It’s time to get the business side of your imagination pumped so you can find financial success to keep doing the things you love.

You should attend this workshop if you’re tired of running out of money, need more bandwidth for your art, or just want to make more money using your craft.


  • Each participant will leave with materials covering the eight steps, including activities to develop an understanding of how each rule affects their business
  • Participants will learn that profit isn’t evil and that manipulating their finances can increase their bandwidth to continue making art

Experience Level Needed for Workshop

No previous knowledge or experience needed. 

Session Details

Friday, September 20th, 1:00 PM to 2:15 PM at Sky Candy, Charm Studio