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Frequently Asked Questions

What's An Experience?

Merriam-Webster is a bit all over the map with their definition. Instead of telling you what they say it is, here’s what it means for us. An experience is a one of a kind opportunity, something unique. No two experiences are alike, nor can they be repeated. We’re all about helping you take action in whatever direction you decide and to help you build a community around yourself. Sounds pretty one of a kind, right?!

Why Buy My Badge Early?

Two reasons immediately spring to mind. One, badges are super limited. This is a very intimate experience which is all about connectivity and learning. To make sure this is always front and center and reflected in our programming and events, we only have 250 badges available.

Reason number two. While it’s true that there aren’t any promotions or discounts, there is one major benefit for buying early. We allow attendees to pre-register for sessions based on when they purchase their ticket. The pre-registration system will go live at the same time as the schedule in June, in case you’re wondering.

Please note: you can still attend sessions even if you don’t pre-register! We only open up a certain number of seats for pre-registration to make sure everyone who wants to attend can still do so (there are lines involved, so if you don’t like those, then I think you catch our drift).

If I Want a Refund, What Do I Do?

We don’t offer refunds. But, we know that life happens so we’re totally fine with you transferring your badge to someone else. Just send over the information for the new badgeholder and we’ll take care of it from there.

What's With The Chopsticks?

This year’s theme is bento box. We thought the chopsticks were needed to really seal the style, otherwise, it’s just four boxes. Be honest, would you have guessed it without the chopsticks?

We picked bento box because it’s all about assembly. You get to pick and choose your day and assemble it however you’d like. You also get to assemble, as in come together as people. Full disclosure, we’re big fans of wordplay.

Are There Happy Hours?

Heck yes there are! And, they’re included with your badge! We want you to get to know your fellow Experiencers so we concoct some really epic happy hours. You’ll see soon enough!

But What If I Can't Afford a Badge?

There’s options! You can join us as a volunteer, just drop us a note and see if there are still spaces available.

But as we mentioned, there are options. Did you know that the City of Austin offers Capacity Building grants for events like this one? Give it a look and see if it’s for you!

From time to time, we’ll have some very generous folks offer scholarships to attend. If you want to be considered for a scholarship, drop us a note, and we’ll keep you posted on opportunities as they arise.

Will Any Sessions Be Recorded or Live Streamed?

Nope, they won’t be. Want to know why? Remember how we mentioned “one of a kind” in the section about what an experience is? Part of what makes it one of a kind is that this is the only time it’ll be experienced. We’re all about you being present in the moment, meeting all of the people you can, and absorbing up as much information as possible. While we do take pictures and share things on social media (and you’re welcome to as well), we never hit “record.”

Can I Only Take Workshops From One Track?

You can take any workshops you’d like, regardless of the track! The tracks are more about where the sessions are taking place and what they’re themed to, not about restricting your access to anything. For example, all of the Artistry and Skills Development workshops are at The Backpack; the Storytelling ones are at Soma Vida.

Where Does This Take Place?

CMBXP is located in multiple venues right around 2400 East Cesar Chavez. They’re all walkable and there are food options within walking distance.

CMBXP Venues

  • Atmosphere Coworking
  • The Back Pack
  • Carol Hickey Acting Studio
  • Juniper
  • Sky Candy
  • Soma Vida

What About Brunch?

Glad you asked! We’re big brunch fans and love the idea of saying goodbye with a delicious multi-course brunch. We’re so excited to partner up with Tumahye, chef Alan Delgado to create a really awesome goodbye party. The brunch is on Sunday, September 23rd and is separately ticketed.