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Ami Plasse

Gonzo-in-Chief, Gonzo Viz


Amitai (ahh-mee-tie) Plasse, aka Ami – is a visual and motion artist and former creative director from NYC who landed in ATX in 2011. Always the prolific sketcher, his creative influences have drawn heavily from his surroundings and he is rarely sans sketchbook – chronicling characters, scenes and impressions as he navigates his world. A lover of motion and interactivity, he is always pursuing alternate ways to bring his work to life.

In New York, he spent years drawing what he encountered on his daily subway commute. In Austin, he has found inspiration from the energy of the music scene, capturing the artists and fans he encounters at clubs and festivals through his own unique lens. Working in the marketing and tech industry, he also began focusing on capturing the ideas espoused around tech and creative talks, as well as the atmosphere and personalities from which they came. With his background in animation, he began to bring his sketches to life with motion and audio to convey the energy of the moments he had captured in an even more dynamic fashion.

In late 2017, Ami took the leap and left his 9 to 5 creative director position to start Gonzo Viz–creating unique drawn, painted and animated content for brands centered around live events. Ami’s background as a creative in the marketing field has given him experience crafting social and digital campaigns and working on producing engaging events. Coupling this with his artistic skills has given him a strong POV on not only creating a great engagement during the event, but helping build buzz pre-event and amplify ideas and brands throughout the life of a campaign.

To learn more about Gonzo Viz visit or follow on Instagram @GonzoViz.


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