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Ann Blocker

Founder, Coddi Advisors


Ann Blocker is a consultant with over 25 years of experience in strategy and scaling organizations. She spent the first ten years of her career at Accenture, leading multi-million dollar strategy and process projects with Fortune 500 companies. She spent the next ten years at start-ups, usually as the COO or Vice President of Client Services for seed-stage companies. The last five years, she’s merged these two areas, helping companies structure their operations and organizations to scale.

Ann still actively leads organizations, usually in an interim COO role. She facilitates strategic planning sessions. She ensures that the operations of the organization support and enable the people doing the work, rather than getting in the team’s way and dragging them down. She helps staff and leaders shape and refine the organization’s culture through staff management, team building, and team meetings. And she works 1:1 with leaders and founders, to ensure that they are conscious and deliberate in the vision they’re creating for their organization.

In addition to her consulting practice, Ann coaches MBA students through the McCombs MBA+ program and acts as the founding COO for two start-ups. For fun (and to give back), Ann’s one of the lead organizers of CreativeMornings/Austin, a free lecture series that presents a different local speaker each month.

Illustration by Kailyn Carr.


Preparing to Scale (the Heights!)