Build your base

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Ashland Viscosi

Founder, Creatives Meet Business and CMBXP


Ashland is the founder of Creatives Meet Business (CMB), an event and podcast series based in Austin, Texas for creatives of all disciplines to define themselves as “artists” and “creatives” AND “small business owners.” The event series helps creatives and anyone wanting to make a living as a “maker” learn how to become sustainable in their artistic craft. She also hosts, produces, and edits the Creatives Meet Business podcast.

Before founding both CMB and CMBXP and dedicating her time to community building and transformative educational events, Ashland worked in film and production. At the same time, she honed her fundraising, marketing, and event production skills during her years at an arts-based non-profit. She also LOVES helping out with events around town, most notably she’s been the Sponsor Relations Coordinator with the ATX Television Festival for five years (and counting) and moderates at the Austin Film Festival.


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