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Hayley Wakefield

Marketing Manager, The Hollis Co.


Hayley Wakefield is an Austin-raised entrepreneur with a passion for hospitality, marketing, and community engagement. She graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in political science and quickly found herself working as a Development Director for local nonprofit, Marbridge Foundation. During her time at Marbridge, she founded a side projected called The Hip Humanitarian, a socially impactful subscription box and lifestyle company. Hayley’s passion for community and curiosity for corporate social responsibility later led her to lead community engagement efforts at and Notley Ventures. In 2016 she began working on her true passion project — The Refinery, which started as a coworking and event space for creative entrepreneurs and naturally transitioned to a work and social community for women, the first of its kind in Austin. The Refinery closed April 2019, but during its life brought thousands of people through its doors and established itself as a hospitality brand that truly defined what it meant to be an authentic and people-first community. Hayley is currently working as the Marketing Manager at The Hollis Co.

Illustration by Kailyn Carr.


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