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Jennie Trower

Co-Founder, Jarrett & Jennie Self-Defense


Jennie Trower is a leader and innovator in the self-defense space who instructs, motivates, and inspires with tools, tips, and techniques that work to not only keep people safer but to help them show up more powerfully in every area of life.

After a combined 20 years in the high-intensity world of Krav Maga – and realizing there was a better way to teach, lead and connect – Jennie and her business partner, Jarrett Arthur, developed a uniquely empowering approach to this material, drawing on lessons learned from working with hundreds of people, their own experiences and their extensive self-defense and safety knowledge.

They formed Jarrett & Jennie Self-Defense in 2016, and they’ve never looked back.

Simply put: they’re obsessed with providing powerful world-class self-defense education and training that is accessible, practical, sane and safe through powerful, effective and accessible training events that connect with everyday people in profound and transformative ways.

Illustration by Joe Rothenberg.


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