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Louie Werderich

Board of Directors, Veriforce


Shortly after completing his MBA from the University of Houston, Louie started his career with Chase Bank as a Commercial Lender, working with privately held companies $5-100 million in revenue. After a few years, he grew frustrated with big corporate culture and constant review of legal documents and left Chase to purchase a small call center company.

Quickly after starting his first business venture, Louie discovered that running a business wasn’t as easy as it looked from the outside. Soon he had financial problems and wasn’t able to take a paycheck, struggling to pay bills and payroll – he had to change things quickly or his business would flounder. He hired a mentor, raised prices, and added automated equipment – then the business became profitable. Slowly, he grew that business and bought 12 other small companies with SBA loans and city loans. After 10 years, Louie grew tired of a 24/7 business, so he decided to sell to an investment group out of Boston.

With some extra money, he started the search for a new company. Eventually, he found Veriforce, a small software and services company in the oil and gas pipeline compliance business. It had a couple million in revenue, but the prior owner was the regulatory specialist and salesperson (neither is Louie’s strength), so he hired both skill sets. After a few years of growth, he needed help building an executive team, so he sold part of the business to a small private equity group. Over a few years, they hired a team of Vice Presidents, and the business grew rapidly. After 10 years, the business had grown from 12 employees to over 100 and tens of millions in revenue and was sold to a large technology-focused private equity group called Thoma Bravo. Now, Louie is on The Board for Veriforce, helping the company grow and expand.

During his 20 years as an entrepreneur, Louie worked with a business mentor, Bill Spitz, who Louie credits for changing his life. Louie has told many people that he has received many blessings in life, Bill being one of them, so he is glad to help others chase their dreams.


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