Build your base

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Maggie Gentry



Maggie believes in changing the way we do business and dismantling the idea that success has to look a certain way. As the owner of and founder of the Own Your Why®: Community, she is committed to creating a safe space for entrepreneurs to make meaningful shifts in their life and business with their eyes, mind, and heart open. Her unique approach blends business coaching, marketing consulting, and loads of compassion so that you walk away with the certainty of how to grow your business in a way that feels perfectly tailored to you. With Maggie’s philosophy, there are no frameworks, formulas, or fixing—rather, an embracing of inherent wisdom, and giving it the room to speak up. She is also the co-founder of Mindful Moments ATX, a self-care event series for self-identifying women and non-binary folks working to establish their own wellness rituals. Maggie enjoys yoga, hiking and deep conversations. She often has a few books from the Austin Public Library on her nightstand, deeply believes in the healing power of Torchy’s queso, and will most often opt for a night in for snuggles with her cat Waffles.

Illustration by Kailyn Carr.


Own Your Why®: How to Move from Reaction to Strategy