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Melissa Plunkett

Senior Product Manager, MongoDB


Melissa’s currently a Senior Product Manager focused on automation at MongoDB, a next gen database company. Her journey to this role was by no means a straight and logical shot. She started on the path back in Missouri with dreams of being a doctor – no, international businesswoman. No, artist. No, writer (that one finally stuck!) and thus graduated with a degree in English and a minor in Classics and a lot of frustration with academia. During that time, however, she had been lured into this new-ish, Wild West world of the Internet where folks were freely sharing knowledge with projects like Gutenberg and USENET groups. So she recouped and survived by doing a lot of delightfully wacky part-time jobs, and kept poking around with computers until she found herself returning to school for a second degree in Computer Science. That, in turn, allowed her to enter the oh-so-not glamorous world of tech as a Web Developer, then System Administrator, and eventually a Solution Architect at places as diverse as the University of Missouri, CARFAX, Rackspace, VMWare, and an assortment of startups that have since been acquired into the mass of much larger firms. At some point in all this, she made the riveting drive from the Show Me State to the Lonestar one and found her true home with all her fellow weirdos in Austin, TX, where she still lives with her incredibly talented journalist husband Richard and two alarms clocks, aka cats, Tiny and Jasper. When she’s not trying to get products out that take the boring work of tech so people can make amazing things, one can find her traveling, reading, moving on non-powered wheeled things, or DIYing it with the best of them with wood or metal – but mostly with anything that involves fire.


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