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Nakia Winfield, LMSW

Equity Consultant, Nakia Winfield, LMSW


Nakia Winfield, LMSW is an antiracism workshop facilitator and business analyst who uses an interdisciplinary, anti-oppressive lens to examine power dynamics across social systems and help organizations and municipalities find effective solutions for their work. She uses her 7 years of Human Resource experience at Apple Inc, and her research in complexity theory to cultivate and sustain cohesive teams with a culture of trust, buy-in, mutual respect, and friendly competition. Nakia has used Liberating Structures (LS) and a complexity theory lens to amplify her team building and facilitation.

A leader for Undoing Racism Austin and a Resource Trainer for the People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond, she recently co-chaired NASW’s Race Equity Accountability and Leadership committee, created to provide an antiracist lens through which social workers view their role in systems in Texas. Nakia also has expertise in the areas of mental health, social work, policy analysis, and human resources.

Illustration by Kailyn Carr.


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